Thank you for your interest in my music, facilitation, or antiracist work. My offerings are flexible: 15-60 minute sets, 1-4 hour workshops, day- or weekend-long deep-dive trainings & retreats.

To book me for music, use the Contact page or visit my band's website at

Facilitation: how and what I facilitate will depend on your group’s needs and desires. A few of my pedogogical tools are song sharing, questions, frame shifts, stories, deep listening, sentence stems, mindfulness, guided interactions and humor. I enjoy tuning into a group and discerning how they might best learn, and co-creating experiences from there.

Below are some of my standard offerings. Feel free to contact me with your specific desires.



Imagine you could meet face-to-face with people, share what you have to offer, and receive what you need through an easy, safe, 90-minute process. The Offers and Needs Market provides a fun place for members of a community or
organization to gather and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, and needs. I help participants identify their core offers and needs, which are then shared with small groups in a rapid-fire process. Imagine a mashup between speed dating, a time bank, and Craigslist! It's a remarkably simple, yet profoundly effective method to build community while meeting members’ needs.


This work takes many forms (written materials, online calls, in-person workshops, one-on-one coaching). Fundamentally I use empathy, courageous inquiry, somatic mindfulness tools and the practice of humility to bring Americans of European descent into awareness and (better) action with regard to racism and white supremacy culture. My objective is to lead people with privilege in the systemic racial hierarchy of the United States out of our unconscious complicity with that hierarchy, and into honest, equitable, solidarity-based relationships with our relations and peers that help heal our culture and the deep systemic and personal wounds of our history and present. I return at least 15% of the income I receive from this work back into communities of color.


What if your leadership could be a source of creativity, inspiration, and joy? At the ALT, we train the ART of leadership: Authentic, Responsive, and Transparent. Over the course of the weekend, we explore your natural leadership superpowers, give you practice and feedback in your facilitation, learn how to lead from both structure and uncertainty, and create deep connections and community.