Photo credit: Connor Scalzi

I was born in California in 1986. Since I arrived, I've spent good portions of my 32 years asking questions, laughing, and learning a tiny fraction of what it means to be human. What brings me alive is to incrementally, every day, step more radically and gently into myself and my service to the world, and encourage those who cross my path to do the same in their own ways.

Music has been in me for as long as I can remember. I didn’t have the discipline for piano, but at age ten my parents gifted me my first instrument, a clarinet. Over the last twenty years I’ve moved between many instruments. Somewhere along the way I learned how to let my voice sing. Music is everywhere, all the time, and I’m continually in love with the process of learning how to hear it.

I first started leading groups when I was a teenager. I found out quickly that I liked the experience of guiding people through something ~ an experience, a process, a journey into themselves. I mostly worked with youth at first, from teens at spiritual youth camps to elementary school girls in Oakland. At some point I switched to leading adults, and along the way got trained in several modalities, most notably Social Artistry and Authentic Relating Games. My deepest joy in facilitation is to use mindfulness, guided interactions and music to open a group of people to deeper layers of itself, and gently lead people into more intimate connection with themselves, the planet, and perceived “Other.”

To be alive is a gift. While a recipient of that gift, I want to spend my time sharing songs, inspiring reflection, and inducing action in the direction of a healthier planet and more healed world. Our moment is one of painful and beautiful awakening. I want to help us face the ways we’re complicit in the state of the world, and lean more on each other as we work to usher in the next phases of human life on Earth.